A historical graveyard like the Old Burying Ground is a precious resource.  It carries and expresses the history of the region, its wars and conflicts, social history, the aesthetics of stone carving and monuments.

Tours and exposure to the Old Burying Ground can augment school room instruction in history, and social studies at the primary school or middle school levels. The stones in the cemetery offer a collection of primary source historical records. It is very unique to have such a large collection of primary source material available in three-dimensional form.

The range of graves here reflect Sag Harbor’s community during the Revolutionary War, the Civil war, and the growth of the whaling industry. The Old Burying Ground also documents the presence of free black citizens, as well as teaching us about the forms of memorializing that changed over the century the graveyard was actively in use.

Another aspect of education in regard to the cemetery is that the more citizens of all ages feel the graveyard to be a resource, a site of importance and meaning, the less vandalism occurs. Many custodians of historic burial sites know this.

Interested individuals and groups seeking more information or tours of the  burying ground should contact us. We are willing to work with curriculum standards for a variety of grades.

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