Press on the Burying Ground

This page will be a place to post different articles discussing the Sag Harbor Old Burying Ground and other related local links, including information about other local cemeteries!


Southampton Press reporter Oliver Peterson’s recent article covering preservation work in the OBG features a beautiful image of our work with the stone for Captain William Havens.

Preserving history at Sag Harbor’s Old Burying Ground

Viewed from certain angles, the Old Burying Ground in Sag Harbor is one of the few remaining sites in the former whaling port where one can be transported back in time.

A cemetery, by its nature, remains free from development and a changing landscape, but that fact can also lead to neglect and disrepair. Over the past 150 years, the Old Burying Ground has seen efforts to fight the ravages of time, and while it appears to be in relatively fine shape, a committee of residents, elected officials and history buffs are making sure some level of stewardship continues…[continue]

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